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Terms & Conditions

Product Use

Our product only works on Dedicated VPS like: Digitalocean, VULTR, AWS, GSC, Linode etc.

Your Licence will be deactived effectively immedietly if you’ll do any of these things: Misuse of product, illegal stuffs, Reselling, Doing Product modification.


Ones you buy our product you’ll get a license. So its like your identity whenever you will migrate your server to one host to another you will need this licence. So keep it safe somewhere :). One customer = 1 License only.

Compatibility and Guarantee

All our products run on the every platform. If our product is not compatible with the any sites, we will update our product and inform you of the latest updates via email. We do not guarantee our products work with all software or third party components such as plugins or web browsers. But you have to test your browser compatibility by using the product demo that we provide. You must ensure browser compatibility, because browser compatibility is your own responsibility, we cannot guarantee that our product will work with all browsers.


You may not claim any of our products, either intellectually or exclusively, whether they have been modified or not modified. The products you buy from Themesia are the property of Larapush.

We encrypt some of our main scripts. We will not give you a non-encrypted script for any reason, because that is our property. You are not allowed to decrypt our products which causing our licenses to not work.You are not permitted to publicly share our products or doing any action that harm us. if you do any action that harm us, we will investigate this action and can lead to permanent suspension of your account with or without notice. We won’t reactivate your account for any reason and no refund.


You can pay for the costs of purchasing our products by the bank transfer method, UPI, Google Pay, Phone Pe, PayPal, Stripe. which is printed on the product invoice you have got in your email.

By paying for the product that you bought, you will get support for 2 week to 1 month year (depending upon the package you bought)

100% upfront payment. in case if there is split payment than you have to complete the remaining payment before 24 hours. If you are unable to pay in time than we have to deactivate your license and we will activate it only after the full payment.


We do not accept refunds for any reason. If there are problems with our products, you can contact us by sending an inquiry to the contact we have provided. We will try to respond as soon as possible.


The support we provide applies to product installation, product configuration, technical support.

Our technical support are limited to installation assistance, checking errors related to our products, and providing product updates to users who have active support services.

We do not provide modification services, either assistance or paid services.

Our technical support is available Monday – Saturday, 10:00 to 10:00 IST. Beyond the time we specify, we only process payment confirmation and our technical assistance is answered during business hours.