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Features that make us unique.

Your Websites needs a good push service. Dont get your self bounded with monthly charges and bills from other push services.
Try Larapush once 🔥


Lifetime Deal

Lifetime Deal breaks the bondage of recurring payments every month. This means you don’t have to worry about ROI every month because it is a one-time investment and lifetime usage.

Unlimited Subscribers

We have clients who have more than 20M subscribers, and almost every post posted in their blog ranks to #1 because LaraPush drives real-time traffic like crazy.

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No Limit on Domains

You no longer have to worry about charges of adding a domain. You can literally add thousands of websites and work with all of them together without any issue.

Limitless Campaigns

There is no limit to anything we provide. We have developed Larapush in such a way that you don’t ever feel bound. We have removed every boundary that exists in this industry.

We Got All Of The Features In The Industry!

When we developed Larapush, we collected all the features available in the industry and added them in. We wanted to make sure that You Never Have To Think Even Once About Any Limitations before purchasing the product.

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Advanced Analytics

Get Highly Accurate details about subscriber’s location, device, os, browser and many more areas.

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Fastest Push Delivery

We send up to 200,000 notification delivery per minute. That’s almost 5x as compared to available SAAS.

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Excellent Panel

We have advanced features like scheduled delivery, customizable prompt, cloning, import & export.

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Targeted Delivery

We let you target your audience according to you using all the matrices we collect for statistics.

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AMP Compatible

LaraPush officially supports Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and is fully compatible with it.

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Token Security

Unlike SAAS, Your tokens stay with you on your server, and no one can use them without your permission.


We Even Got Excellent Dashboard Features

We have added all the Dashboard Panel features for you to minimize your effort in sending push.

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Project Cloning
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Quick Push
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Import & Export
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Customizable Prompt
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Instant Delivery Notice
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Campaign Cloning
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