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Import and Export

The Import & Export feature in LaraPush allows you to import and export subscribers data to or from your LaraPush Server. This can be particularly useful for backing up your data, transferring data between different systems.

How to do Import/Export?

Navigate to Domains, select Import and Export, then choose the domains from which you wish to import or export data.

Import Export

Can I Import/Migrate subscribers from another service using this feature?

No, This Feature is particularly useful for creating data backups or moving data between different LaraPush systems. And you can't migrate using this because other services use a different sending method and payload structure hence. However, We offer a Migration Add-On.

If you want to import subscribers from another service, you can check with LaraPush team for the "Migration Add-On". This LaraPush helps you move from your current push notification service to LaraPush without losing any subscribers. It transfers all your subscriber data from your old service to LaraPush, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous communication with your audience.