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Push On Publish

The "Push on Publish" feature automatically sends a notification to your subscribers each time you post new content. It's useful for blogs, news sites, or any site that frequently updates content. This immediate alert about fresh content can drive traffic to your site and enhance the exposure of your posts Here are some use cases to illustrate its utility:

  • Blogs: If you run a blog and regularly post new articles, the "Push on Publish" feature can be a great way to keep your readers engaged. As soon as you publish a new blog post, your subscribers receive a notification, prompting them to visit your site and read the new content.

  • News Sites: For news websites, timeliness is crucial. The "Push on Publish" feature ensures that as soon as a new story is published, your subscribers are alerted. This can help you deliver breaking news to your audience in real-time.

  • Web Stories: Push on Publish for Web Stories is a feature that would automatically send push notifications to your subscribers whenever you publish a new web story.

  • Educational Platforms: If you run an educational platform that regularly publishes new courses or learning materials, the "Push on Publish" feature can notify your learners immediately, keeping them up-to-date with the latest resources.

In all these scenarios, the "Push on Publish" feature helps to maintain regular engagement with your audience and ensures that your latest content gets the attention it deserves.

How to Use Push On Publish ?

The "Push on Publish" feature is exclusively available for WordPress sites and only to Pro Plan Users. To set it up, navigate to your LaraPush Plugin Settings, check the "Push on Publish" box, and you're all set.


Are you using the Startup Plan? Upgrade your plan now to access the "Push on Publish" feature and enhance your user engagement.